We have a new data environment since May 2021 which allows many new features. To enter this new data environment you will need to create a new login but once logged in you can retreave your existing transect. In case you already have an account at observations.org, waarnemingen.be, observations.be or waarneming.nl, you can use the same login codes.

The new data environment in a nutshell:

  • Available in most European languages (work in progress). Change the language on the top right of the page. 
  • Existing transects are already imported in the project and can be found under the location tab. 
  • Existing transects are included as point objects. It would be of great help if volunteers replace these points by the exact transect path.
  • When adding transect walks, you should now click on the map on the spot where you have observed a stag beetle. When a large number of stag beetles are seen, observations can be aggregated in blocks of 50m (=3 min).
  • One of the new features is that you can now download your own  data. 
  • For the moment you will not see your former transect walks but these will be uploaded during autumn 2021. 


Go to the full manual for the data environment.

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