Results from 2008 published

Oktober 1, 2016

In 2008 a first trial was performed with our monitoring system in eight different countries to test the practicability and reliability of the survey design. Now the analysis of these test were published in Insect Conservation and Diversity, an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. You can learn all about it on the website of this journal.


Project funded by PTES

September 30, 2016
People’s Trust for Endangerd Species (PTES) funded us an internship grant which allowed us to start up our network and realise this website. Check our project on the PTES website! Thanks to this fund, Sanne Govaert could carry out an internship at the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, in order to built this website. Next year another internship wil be employed in orther to make a first newsletter and to further improve the site.