During the months of June and July, weekly transects should be walked when weather conditions are suitable. Stag beetles are rarely active below 12°C and become fully active when warmer than 18°C. Therefore, transect walks are preferably done on warm (>12°C) evenings with little or no rain and no strong wind. If the temperature does not rise above 12°C, during one or more weeks, then there is no need to walk the transect.

If you are on holidays or there are other reasons why you cannot walk the transect for a certain period, it is advisable to find somebody to replace you. The transect should be walked at least six times each year. Additional transect walks can be carried out, especially around the short period of peak activity. This peak period might vary between locations and from year to year but is often at the end of June or beginning of July and marked by warm and humid evenings.

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